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[ the solstice ] Ramessu by Kalpaca [ the solstice ] Ramessu by Kalpaca
i hope male deltans arent becoming too common because the poor dude doesnt fit anywhere else oh my god 
i cant do deer or male anatomy this was a bad idea and its tOO LATE

Name || Ramessu [ rah-mehs-su ]
Nickname(s) || Ram, gentle bara, a hot mess

Age || 2 years
Gender || Male
Breed || Water Deer/Pampas hybrid
Build ||

Deer: Around 3 ft tall at the shoulders, with average weight for a buck. His coat will stay the same throughout the seasons, only getting a little thicker during the winter. His tail is short and very fluffy. His tusks are around 2 inches long.

Deerling: He will be about 5'7" and look generally fit. 

Rank || Deltan
Herd || Arev

Accessories ||

Crown - Ramessu weaves his own crowns when he doesn't have a lot to do, always sticking two large leaves on the sides, usually colored according to the seasons. He ties two strings with sky blue beads on it, too.

Personality || { Protective } { Peaceful } { Curious } { Gullible } { Self-Critical }

Protective - Ram is very protective of everyone in his herd, especially the younger fawns. He is quite good with handling kids, in fact, and likes to make himself seem like a cool big brother in from of them. (Cool in his own way, at least.) He is quick to defend those he cares about whether it's verbally or physically, but he would prefer not to fight anyone as he fears injuries and death.

Peaceful - Ram has been very gentle and quiet since he was a teenager, and knew that he wouldn't be able to be useful to his herd if he didn't stay inside of the camp and work from there. He prefers to organize supplies and make sure the area is secure for everyone rather than venturing out and witnessing warriors go at it and whatnot. He's very good at breaking up fights as long as the other deer are sensible enough to listen to him. Oftentimes he will be found sitting by himself somewhere, soothing himself with the sounds of nature.

Curious - Just because he prefers to stay in the camp doesn't mean Ram can't suffer from child-like curiosity. He often daydreams and wonders about what Deltains must be seeing when they go scouting around and it gets him a tad jealous. Not enough to make him regret anything, though. Things that are slightly out of the ordinary will get his attention long enough for him to go poke at it or ask someone else about it. His curiosity can also turn into nosiness if he gets a little too overwhelming with questions for others.

Gullible - Ram will blindly follow any trail that's set out for him, making him embarrassingly easy to catch. (Just imagine a trail of food leading to a box with a stick holding it up, he would be all over that) He is easily-manipulated and should not be allowed to handle any serious matters because of it. His gullible-ness is even worse with those he trusts, since he would never think that they were lying to him. He must be easy to prank, at least.

Self-Critical - He usually acts very normal and calm, but one bad slip-up will cause him to voice his negative thoughts about himself, often in a light-hearted and passive manner. It's obvious that he has some high expectations for himself that no one else knows about. Ram hates it when he ruins anything, and will joke about being a 'hot mess' to try and laugh it off. He's not more likely to screw up than any other deer, though.

History || { Childhood } { Teenage years } { Present }

{ Childhood }
Ever since he was born, Ramessu was a joyful, excitable child, always sticking his nose into other peoples business and playing around simply because he could. He was an only child so he got all the attention he wanted from his parents, the only price being that he didn't have a sibling to talk to. He made due with what he had, though, and easily made friends with some of the other fawns in camp. They often got into trouble, making Ram almost memorize the deltans' long lectures about proper behavior in the herd. He didn't pay much attention and managed to keep his innocence a bit longer.

One day a small group of the fawns decided to go on a fun adventure outside of camp! It was obviously a bad decision, but Ramessu thought that it couldn't be too bad as long as they got back before anyone missed them. It took a long time for the couple of children to escape from their parents and the deltans so they could sneak out safely. Being the responsible young rebels that they were, the group made sure that they didn't stray too far so they could always run back inside if things got bad.

When asked what game they should play, Ram suggested tag! He was really fast, so he was sure he could win against the others. They agreed, and a different fawn was 'it.' Everyone took off in different directions, and the game began! After a few rounds of this, Ram was starting to get tired, so he crouched down in the bushes to rest before whoever was 'it' could get him. One of his friends almost ran right past him but stopped to catch her breath and ask him where another good hiding place was. He suggested inside of the hollowed out log nearby, and she took it.

Moments later, a shriek came from inside that same log, from the same girl. Ram and the rest of the fawns rushed to see what was wrong and she burst out of her hiding spot crying, covered in dirt and small insects that had been living inside the log and couldn't be happy after being so disturbed by a tiny deer. Ramessu found himself shocked speechless as his own friend cried and blamed him for what happened to her, turning the rest of the group's angry gaze on him.

"Didn't you know she was afraid of bugs?! You really are useless, aren't you??" A boy nearly growled at him, and Ram was still too overwhelmed to reply. It was then that someone came and caught them in their little act after hearing all the noise and the fawns were brought back into camp to be properly punished. Ram said nothing until he was eating with his parents later that night.

"I weally am utheless, awen't I?"

It took his parents a second to process what he said, and they both gasped immediately. They hugged their little fawn, saying "No, no, of course not! Who told you that?" Ramessu couldn't respond with anything other than a quiet whimper and tears running down his face.

{ Teenage years }
Now an older and slightly more experienced beta, Ramessu had gotten new friends and a new attitude. He was honestly unsure of what rank he wanted to train for, so his parents made sure he got a deltain mentor. The doe was very nice to him, to his surprise, but he was very uneasy whenever they left camp. His efforts at fighting were always mediocre at best, as his mentor reminded him every now and again. After a while of failing to communicate with Ram to get him to try harder, his mentor began to blame herself, which he definitely didn't want. With a sad smile Ramessu suggested that maybe he wasn't meant to be a deltain after all.

Ramessu was a late bloomer when it came to his ceremony, graduating to a new rank months after all of his friends did. He was allowed the deltan rank, since that is what the higher ups decided would be best for someone like him. Ram felt relieved, if anything. At least he wouldn't have to deal with the pressure of being a warrior anymore.

{ Present }
Ramessu has learned the ropes of the herd life very well and now knows how to maintain balance and order inside the camp with the help of the other deltans. His favorite past times are sitting in isolation to relax and playing with the new fawns whenever they need babysitting. He encourages them to follow the rules and not go anywhere without an adult and tries to make sure that they all get along. Any fawn that becomes the underdog ends up getting his full sympathies.

Likes || Alone time, colorful leaves, beads, talking to fawns, kind people, running

Dislikes || People commenting on his lisp or actions, fighting, blood, death, bullies, loud noises, letting his hair down

Orientation || Bisexual
Relationship status || Single
Lover || None

Relationships ||

:bulletpurple: Family

:bulletwhite: Neutral
:bulletblue: Acquaintance
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletyellow: Crush/Attraction
:bulletpink: Lust
:bulletpink::bulletpink: Lover/Mate
:bulletred: Discomfort
:bulletblack: Despise

Name [ Herd | Gender ] - User

None yet!

Other ||
- He has a bit of a lisp that was worse when he was younger and gradually got a little better once he aged into an adult. It's still noticeable, though.

- Water deer are also called "vampire deer" so that could also be a nickname of his even if he would be a total loser if he was a real vampire lmao

Music ||

Blind Us All
♪~ * I so thought I could go where they won't
I so thought that darkness grows where they won't
I so thought that I can grow where they won't
* ~

I'll Believe in Anything
♪~ *You learn how to fight, one way or another. Or you disappear. I know how to fight, but I like to disappear. * ~

Elephant Gun
♪~ * And it rips through the silence of our camp at night
And it rips through the silence...all that is left is all that I hide
* ~

Scenic World
♪~ * The lights go on, the lights go off when things don't feel right
I lie down like a tired dog licking his wounds in the shade
* ~

Blessed Brambles
♪~ * go go smear the poison ivy let your crooked hands be holy * ~
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Ravenshark Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I absolutely adore this character. xD Despite what you say, you did a pretty good job on the deer anatomy.
Kalpaca Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
(/w\) omg well thank you!! 
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I feel like Ramessu and Uta would get along poor self-criticizing babies. 
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children ...... 
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Albo-Beati7 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist
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And he's such a cutie!! but i'm sure he's heard such things enough times already UuU
Loooooving reading his history! 

I would love to rp with him some time :>
Kalpaca Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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Albo-Beati7 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist
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You're welcome!! And this will be rather exciting
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