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TBSP | PLAYER 2 | Valkyrie the Heartless by Kalpaca TBSP | PLAYER 2 | Valkyrie the Heartless by Kalpaca
"You're so, so predictable! Just die already, hehe!"

Name » Valkyrie
Alias » The Heartless Asshole ; Valky ; Val
Gender » Male
Spawn point » Pink Lemonade
dB » ∞

Physical appearance » A bipedal creature with a heart-shaped hole in his chest that doesn't seem to bother him at all. His ears are tall and fennec-fox like, with light purple heart markings on the backs. He wears a ponytail and a headband pretty much constantly. He has a long snout, sharp teeth, and a long, thick tongue. (Don't let him lick you, you don't know where that thing's been.) He seems to have gloves that feather out, a short curly tail and and feet that are almost like a birds. (more like a blaziken tbh jfc)

He wears a luminous chain around his neck with his weapon at the end-- a ghostly pocket watch.

Voice » Here we go (the song is fitting too :>)
Height » 5'6"
Weight » 140

Talents »
○ Hypnotizing
○ Manipulating

Hobbies »
○ Magic
○ Cooking/making smoothies :> (wouldn't recommend trusting his food/drinks unless he likes you though)

Personality » { Over-imaginative } { Insane } { Destructive } { Tasteful } { Dedicated } { Intelligent }

The worst side of Valkyrie is over-imaginative, insane, and destructive. He is mentally unstable and predicting his actions is nearly impossible. One moment he's very nice, the next he's trying to kill something, etc. He's definitely not safe to be around unless you can handle that sort of thing. He likes to know everything, and the unknown causes his imagination wild. The darkness causes him to become hysterical and within minutes he will be laughing, crying, and everything inbetween because he doesn't know what's out there. In the worst cases where he is desperate for escape, Valkyrie will hypnotize himself to sleep.

Others have speculated that something went very wrong when he entered the game, making him act this way.

However, he has some good traits to him. He has an eye for detail, a good sense of style. He is dedicated to his beliefs and those he likes, and is unlikely to betray anyone he has strong bonds with. He doesn't seem very bright at a first glance, but he actually has a lot of information in that crazy little head. He knows how to remember facts and study fighting techniques, even if he never plans on using them. He also has a very strange sense of humor that not many other people share...

Likes »
○ fruit smoothies
○ salty foods
○ fluff
○ funny people
○ corpses
○ clever tricks
○ butts

Dislikes »
○ the unknown
○ darkness
○ Nothing
○ booooooring people
○ NPCs

Music Corner »

Mugen Jigoku No Kodomotachi
Super Psycho Love
Worried About Ray
Karma Police
HyperParadise (Flume Remix)
Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain

Items » [ none ]

Skill sets »

Attack: 3/5
Defense: 3/5
Speed: 2/5
Agility: 4/5
Endurance: 4/5

Sanity: 0/5
Confidence: 4/5
Bravery: 3/5
Intelligence: 4/5
Charisma: 1/5

Weapon » "Sweet fairy, it's your time to go..."

A glowing pocket watch at the end of a long chain that he can use to strangle enemies or lasso things. The pocket watch itself is used to hypnotize people, mainly for jokes. He will give them short, single orders, such as "sleep now" or "jump there" or "kneel!" and will call anyone he's controlling a "fairy." He can't hypnotize people for more than 15-20 seconds at best. The ability works best on people who have little to no willpower and is much weaker on those who have strong willpower.

He will sometimes just swing the watch to calm himself in stressful situations, not aiming to control anyone.

Achievements »

» besides creating the group. that's cool. I guess.

Relationships »

:bulletwhite: Neutral
:bulletblue: Acquaintance
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Close friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletyellow: Crush
:bulletorange: Lust
:bulletpink: Love
:bulletred: Uncertainty | Dislike
:bulletblack: Despise

Feeling [ NPC or Player | Name ]

:bulletblack: [ NPC | Cheat ]
"Hero, hero! Damn, what an annoying little prick...So easy to mess with though, haha!"

:bulletblack: [ NPC | Spectre ]
"Hahahahahahaha totally gross! Disgusting! But he never dies, so I can do whatever I want, right?"

:bulletblue::bulletred: [ NPC | Celly ]
"I like this one! He does fun things when I smash him to bits! Never did get a present out of it, though. Maybe if I keep trying? Heh!"

:bulletblack: [ NPC | Positive ]
"Pozzy's the worst... haaaa! I'll kill him if I ever get the chance... and he'd do the same to me, too! :3c"

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: [ Player | Valtie ]
"I like Valtie, he tells me fun facts about everything! And he hates everyone too! Shoot an arrow through my heart anytime, baby~! HAHAHA!"

:bulletblue::bulletblue: [ Player | Gully ]
"Gully gully gully gully gully gully gully gully!!! Do something funny! AHAHA, YOU'RE AWESOME! TEACH ME HOW TO DOUGIE"

:bulletwhite: [ NPC | Keys ]
"Hehehe...I won't touch him. :3c"

:bulletblue::bulletblue: [ Player | Akari ]
"A DARLING PLAYER, I want to keep him <33"

:bulletred: [ Player | Scamp ]
"I can't believe I got her to think I was actually her brother!! Hahahaha! What an idiot! We got in a bit of a tussle, I don't think she'll want to meet again...(heh)"

By the time the storm began, Roman was off of work duty, but still monitoring people on the ship just out of habit. He had nothing scheduled for that day and it seemed like no one was really going to do anything. Everyone was stuck in their rooms waiting for the rain and gloom to stop, but the nurse was kind of fond of the weather, to be honest. Not that he had any water pokemon to help him out if anything should happen to the boat, but still. His haunter hovered right by his side, having been too stressed out by the sounds of thunder to stay in his pokeball. Roman decided to let him out while keeping Curl inside hers, just so they wouldn't get upset. Getting time away from the small cleffa was a rare occurrence for him. Another roll of thunder passed by, and the trainer paused so he wouldn't stumble on the shaky floor. Maybe he should settle down after all... The storm was pretty intense. He didn't really have time to think before the lights went out and Danny let out a surprised squeal, much to Roman's amusement. “You're a ghost, Danny, shouldn't you be used to darkness...?” He murmured to the haunter quietly, continuing to walk down what he assumed to be a hallway. He misjudged the area and bumped into some object, stepping back in surprise. “Oh...” Roman dug in his bag for the flashlight he forgot he had (he was always prepared for blackouts) and turned it on, shining it on the table that had been in his way. Then he saw a pair of feet and the bright, white wings of a swablu, and he knelt down to light up the face of his friend. “Rena?” He saw how nervous she looked and gave her a concerned smile. “This isn't the best time to be playing hide-and-seek.” Danny floated close to the ground as if he wanted to be closer to the light, and blinked when he recognized the girl trainer.
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